Adios Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico….We arrived yesterday and leaving tomorrow, this is ok since we packed around this country for a month two years ago! New country means new beer!
Medalla Light! Still add a lime!

Today is provisioning day – fill up the diesel and propane, hit the grocery market, still need to find nautical charts on Cuban waters, laundry.
Our most handy dandy bags to do all these chores….our AZRA BUCKET BAGS! Thanks Alex and Fred! These bags carry anything (I got a case of wine in one on my bicycle, yep 12 bottles)!
Bucket bags travel by boat….

Bucket bags travel by bicycle….

You can even stroll down the street with bucket bags….

On a side note we should also thank Jacks Plastics for actually making the bags, but we don’t personally know them!
If provisioning goes well, we’re going out for Mofongo (a Puerto Rican delish)!
Before we head anywhere, we realized we’re looking a little straggley!
Check out my chauffeur….

Goodbye caveman beard!

And….I know you’re gonna find this hard to believe….I’m pretty much completely grey, have been since I married Joe! Yep, I visit Rita (hairdresser and friend) every four weeks ‘to wash that grey right outta my hair’! Joe says I’m too young to go completely grey, he’s also against me having a buzz cut (apparently we both can’t be bald and he can’t grow hair anymore – except out of his ears)! So, before we left on our adventure Joe took lessons from Rita. He is now a bonified sailboat hairdresser (can you see a side job in his future?)!

He did an excellent job! I might be scrubbing hair dye off my forehead, ears, and neck for weeks…but goodbye grey!
The next leg of our journey is a doozie! Everyday we change our mind on the route we should take….Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Cuba….do we stop, do we sail on by??? I wanna see all these places, but I’m feeling the pressure to get to the Florida Keys. We’re sailing off at the crack of dawn, not sure where we’ll end up next, but we’ll think of you all while we’re cruising!

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