Adios Guatemala, nos vemos pronto!

We’re in the air!  First stop Huston, then sunny San Diego!  For those of you that are scratching your head – what the heck, it’s only January???  Hoss and I are headed back to the states for 2 months – 60 days – to promote our summer gig, PYBUS POINT LODGE, on the Adventure and Travel Show circuit…..coming to a city near you!  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!  But, really, truly we are!  Is your interest peaked?  Check it out  Every week a different city, smiling and chatting up folks, introducing them to why Alaska, better yet why PYBUS POINT LODGE?  Then back to the sailboat to finish out the sailing season……we’re thinking Honduras!

Adventures are just like any ole book – you’ve got to finish one chapter before you begin the next.  So, how about a few Guatamala favorites…..

Brilliant buildings…..

Colorful murals…..

Mayan culture, fascinating…..

City buses…..

Rural tuk tuks…..


This is where you get delicious green mangos…..

This is my favorite…..

Let the pictures tell the story – husband and wife fishing, she paddles, he casts the net, poetry.

And then there’s Hoss

Guatemala City was cloudy, windy, brisk, and cold. We arrived with shorts and t-shirts, Hoss found himself a sweatshirt for 55Q (about $8US) and a zebra!

And then the postcards…..

If you’re on the list…..meaning you get random postcards, you’re just gonna have to hold yer horses! Guatemala doesn’t really do mail – no mailboxes, no mailmen, no mail. Curry service was 250Q ($33 US each) per postcard, so your cards will be posted in the states!

Ahhhh the airport…..

Enjoying a cappuccino and a croissant while we wait for our plane, the heart is a perfect parting memory!

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