Good bye BVIs!!!

I have some good entertainment for ya today! First of all we’ve been busy exploring the islands of Little Jost Van Dyke and Jost Van Dyke.
First stop was Diamond Cay on Little Jost Van Dyke, a sea turtle haven and numerous cays and spits to snorkel around. The ‘Bubbly Pool’ is a main attraction – a natural pool surrounded by large rocks at the ocean’s edge. It’s a leisurely mile hike along the beach and over the rocks, feels nice to stretch your legs. A good north swell was running, sending water rushing through the rock opening surging up onto the beach. Standing in the salt water pool felt like a water park amusement ride, waiting for the waves to crash and sweep you to shore!

Then on to Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke, home of Foxy’s and Corsairs, very fun beach bars!

Next up White Bay also on Jost Van Dyke, aptly named for it’s beautiful stretch of white sandy beach. The beach is lined with bar after bar, the water is 10 feet deep, everything is protected by a massive stretch of coral reefs. But the real fun lies with the boats – sailboats and powerboats anchored or moored on buoys, day boats anchored and stern tied to the beach, dinghies drug up on shore.

And people, holy moly were there people – folks standing around, dancing, swimming, snorkeling, and of course drinking! The people watching was simply fantastic!

Those of you reading this from back home….White Bay puts any Lake Havasu holiday weekend hotspot to shame….and this was mid week! The favorite bar is the Soggy Dollar (named for the soggy state of dollar bills used to pay for drinks after swimming ashore from an anchored vessel) where the Painkiller (a delicious potent rum drink) was originally invented. So, of course we ordered a Painkiller just to see what all the fuss was…..yum and dangerous!
But the real fun is what we found just off shore, Painkiller in hand we sat back and enjoyed the show. I’m gonna try to explain it, but the photos really paint the picture. A sailboat moored just offshore, in front of the Soggy Dollar, thus in front of hoards of people has a sign on their boom….it reads ‘1 Jump = 1 Beer Topless = Free’. Huh?

Upon closer look there is a line attached to the top of the mast (let’s say 65 feet in the air), the other end of line is attached to a dinghy. A person patiently treads water, next to the sailboat, hands gripping the line….the dinghy takes off, thus pulling the line and catapulting the person through the air. Easy enough? Now look at the photos in series….

Here’s another drunken fool!

The beach goers cheered or booed depending on the catipulter’s performance! I don’t think the pictures do it justice, we sat floating in the Super Dinghy, cocktail in hand, mesmerized by the crazy ass loons….never did see a gal go topless, but the beer the man in the blue shorty shorts collected (the fare to ‘jump’) was astounding!
Come day break we are shoving off for the US Virgin Islands, goodbye BVIs!

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