Happy Birthday Hoss!

Today is Joe’s Brithday….Happy Birthday to him, Happy Birthday to him!
This is the 44 year old rockstar lounging at Sandals!

We hunkered down in Emerald Bay Marina on the Great Exumas, Bahamas waiting out a storm. In turns out Sandals owns this marina! Yay!

So….a lot of wind, a bunch of rain, loads of lounging around, some pampering (full service resort), and of a new beer!
New country, new beer! Bahamas’s most popular beer is Kalik….

We don’t love it. With some detective skills we ferreted out a much better Bahama beer – Sands.

Very smooth….Of course add a lime!
What else?
Oh, we caught this guy!

We caught a Mahi Mahi! Turns out they love the cut off pieces of conch, the scrap.

So far he has made excellent ceviche and filled up a good chunk of the freezer!

Back to the Birthday Guy….we decided to splurge (still feeling the effects of our stranded episode) and booked treatments at the fancy smancy Sandals Spa – Red Lane. A hot stone massage and reflexology for Joe, the guy LOVES his feet rubbed! I opted for a hot stone massage and a luxurious facial promising to make me look years younger! Add this to the super swanky spa amenities….hot tubs, pool, steam room, hot showers….yes siree a shower with endless hot water (we’ve forgotten what that is)!

As we head to our next destination….

Hey Hoss….’Happy Birthday!’ Thanks babe….’no place I’d rather be!’

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hoss!”

  1. Happy Birthday Joe glad you got to relax and get some new beer on your day. Jenny you don’t need to look years younger you are beautiful.

  2. Happy birthday Joe! Love hearing your adventures. As jimmy buffet sings, “We do it for the stories we can tell”. I remember the dark night passages and the dam lights. Wait till you cross the Gulf stream, freighters every where. One last thing. Count three rings down from the tip, make a small hole with hammer just big enough to slip the point of a knife to cut the muscle. The whole conch slides right out easily. Fair winds and following seas!

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