Happy New Years!

News Years Resolution – just do it!
So we are!
Currently we are checking off more spots on the map!
US Virgin Islands….check!
First stop – Cruz Bay on St John so we could officially clear in. Wonderful moorage in Caneel Bay, just off Lind Pt, part of the National Park Service. Pick up a mooring ball, beautiful stretches of sandy beach, short dinghy ride into Cruz Bay. Cruz Bay was fun! Lotsa lookey looing! Locals are super nice (which isn’t always the case)! Most importantly….we filled our Mexico Food craving – jalapeños and tortillas, ahh what a lovely site! Mexican food has been our biggest craving, we don’t need a restaurant, we do alright in the kitchen, but we haven’t been able to find the ingredients!
We got down to our last jalapeño and I was hoarding it, saving it for a special occasion! Ridiculous I know! We tried our hand a homemade corn tortillas – attempt one and two were disgustingly inedible. Then we switched to flour and Joe took over behind the stove – flour number one went overboard, flour number two were pretty good! You should see the galley after he’s through….I didn’t think it was possible to get flour in all the places he did and this was while we were anchored, if we were underway we would of needed a pressure washer! We decided to spend an evening on the town….where should we have dinner? Duh, Mexican of course! We’re seriously considering sailing to the Yucatán next season….we were both born to eat Mexican food and drink cervezas. Anyhow, we did good – we found a wonderful spot with excellent fish and shrimp tacos!

The nicest young man was our server, a recent transplant from New Hampshire ‘taking a break from his real life for the winter’ and we got to talking hot sauces. The house salsa had great flavor but low on heat, when we asked for hot sauce we were given the standard option – Tabasco or Cholula. Geez…those aren’t hot sauces! It just so happens we ventured into a spice shop earlier that afternoon and picked up a couple of bottles of hot sauce to bring back to the boat. In the back pack were two bottles of our favorite – Marie Sharp (different flavors) and a bottle of Melinda’s Naga Jolokia (one we’ve never tried, the bottle says Naga Jolokia is confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records to be the second hottest pepper in the world, the hottest being the Trinidad Scorpion….hmmm where do we find that one?).

‘Let’s try the new one!’ Our server watched, ‘yum’! ‘Hey, ya wanna try it?’ ‘Sure!’ His face immediately turned three shades of pink and he excused himself. Many minutes later he returned, still flushed, breathing a little heavy, ‘whoa, are you trying to kill me?’ Turns out he hightailed it back to the kitchen for a full glass of milk, he was still on fire! The owner came by the table, laughing, ‘are you trying to run off my staff?’ Everyone got a good laugh! I got a delicious margarita made with tequila infused with habaneros!
The little we saw of St John we thoroughly enjoyed, we’ve marked it on the list of places we’d like to come back and explore!
Next up….St Thomas! We jumped across the bay to Red Hook. Dropped an anchor and cruised into town. Red Hook is home to Island Yachts, an Island Packet charter company (our boat is an Island Packet). We enjoyed cruising through the mooring field and docks checking out all the Island Packets, always a good feeling finding friends! Then on to the Chandlery, it’s been like two weeks since we’ve purchased any boat supplies! We managed to find a good grocery market and gelato!
Next stop….Christmas Cove! However, first we must safely navigate Current Cut. As the name implies, there is a strong current of 4 knots running in either direction depending on the tide. Hmmm….4 knots is our speed in good conditions. My cruising guide states ‘a prudent sailor will start his engine in advance or pick another route altogether’. Hmmm….apparently my skipper is not a ‘prudent sailor’ because we went for it and saw 8.02 knots on the speed indicator. Whew! Christmas Cove is immediately to port, dropped an anchor and enjoyed a cold one after our harrowing adventure! We watched a few sailboats attempt the pass from the opposite direction, they didn’t make it and had to navigate u turns in a very tight channel! The anchorage is beautiful and the snorkeling is great, but the real reason we choose this Cove is Pizza Pi. Two years ago we read an article in ‘All at Sea’ about a couple who turned a sailboat into a pizza parlor. We love a good food truck…but a food boat…even better! Sure enough anchored in the bay was the Pizza Pi!

We pulled up in the Super Dinghy, three gals working the joint and doing a great business! We waited our turn, Joe ordered a pie to his liking (no cheese) and I created a masterpiece from the build your own, thirty minutes later we had ‘right out of the pizza oven’ delicious pizza and cold beer in our cockpit watching the sea turtles!

Joe even got the t-shirt!

Bellys full, we pulled up anchored and enjoyed a pleasant sail along the southern coast of St Thomas. Charlotte Amalie is amazing, hustle and bustle at its finest. We watched the comings and goings from our cockpit and pulled into the quite anchorage of Brewers Bay, our last night on St Thomas and our last night in the US Virgin Islands!
Next stop….Culebra, Spanish Virgin Island part of Puerto Rico!

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