Hasta La Vista Bahamas!

A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, hi ho the merry o, a hunting we will go…..that’s the theme song while suiting up in the Super Dinghy.  Mask…..check.  Snorkel…..check. Flippers…..check. Spear…..check.  Gloves (lobsters are prickly bastards)…..check.  Kill bag…..check.  So, here’s the deal – Hoss is the Hunter; I am the the Bag Lady (I carry the bag where we put our loot), also sometimes the fish/lobster spotter, most definitely the conch gatherer.  Our spear fishing hasn’t been fantastic, a few here and there.  The conch has been plentiful, find one when you want one kind of thing.  But, the lobster hunting has been FANTASTIC!  So fantastic that I don’t wish to see another lobster for quite some time!  There have been days where we eat lobster for two out of a days’ three meals, other days it’s conch ceviche over eggs for breakfast and lobster tacos for lunch.  Throw in a random fish fillet and after four months I think I might be growing a mermaid tail!  No sweat…..bikinis would be cheaper, everyone knows mermaids don’t wear bikini bottoms!  

As we were frolicking in the Berry Islands, counting down the last of our Bahama days, I decide we’re not leaving the Bahamas until I spear my very own lobster.  Hoss gives me the ‘we’ve been doing this for four months and now you decide this’ kinda look.  Yep, there is no way I’m letting Hoss have all the fun!  It took two days.  

Let’s go hunting!  Adler Cay has a beautiful cut connecting the Great Bahama Bank to the Northwest Providence Channel, the current rips, the waves were breaking, but man oh man the biggest, most humungous lobsters in all of our hunting.  Bigger is better…..right?  Sure bigger is better for spearing, but much harder for coaxing out of their holes, definitely couldn’t rely on sweet talking.  
Exhibit #1 – the lobster in Hoss’ left hand has 18 puncture holes.  Why so many?  I speared that massive dude five different times but failed each time to bring him home.  Hoss had to go down and get him since he was now known on the reef as ‘Swiss Cheese’!

Our fishing license allows us to have up to six lobsters at any given time.  Since we now had a mission, we went back to the boat and ate lobster for every meal.  Think Forest Gump’s friend Bubba, only trade his shrimp for our lobster – baked lobster, grilled lobster, broiled lobster, lobster tacos, lobster enchiladas, lobster ceviche, lobster pasta, lobster pizza, lobster sandwiches, you get the idea.

The next day we sailed on to bluer waters, a nice little anchorage at Whale Cay.  There is shipwreck, an old barge, the maine life has made a habitat out of, prime lobster hunting grounds.  Wrecks are super for exploring – lots of nooks and crannies, every wreck has a story.  The story here…..I got one!
Exhibit #2 – my very own lobster!  He put up a good fight and now he’ll be dinner!

The freezer is full of frozen lobster and conch, the fishing poles are rigged and ready, Anchors up!  Our Bahamas adventure has come to an end, now a big swim across the Gulf Stream and onto the Florida Keys.  We’re in search of fabulous sunsets, delicious key lime pie, crystal clear waters (gonna be a tall order after the enchanting Bahama waters), and maybe a fruity cocktail or two.  

A spectacular sunset with a US backdrop!

A gorgeous sunrise as a Bahama farewell kiss!

Good bye Bahamas!  Notice no sails flying?  We disguised ourselves as a motor boat, we never saw more than 6 knots of wind in 25 hours.  A little bushed, badly needing a cappuccino, poor little 56 hp diesel is a little tired, too!  See ya at the coffee shop! 



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