Hello Key West!

Phew!  We finally got enough chores completed, we were ready to take off…..well, that and we were getting antsy!  An easy day and a half sail to Key West, looking to shake down all our new electronics.  It seems we still have a few things to address – the directions read plug and play, the salesman spouts ‘easy peasy’…..Joe will disagree.  He spent a good portion of our sail tweaking this, unhooking that, adjusting a connection here, and muttering there.  It looks like we will be visiting West Marine for the 286th time this month!  When folks ask me what we do for the winter, my normal response is ‘we sail’; from now on I’m gonna start replying ‘we tour boat chandelries’…..it seems more fitting!  If you look on the bright side – its shopping and I do love to shop!


As for the sailing – all was smooth.  Our new Mack Sails kept us gliding along. 


Do ya wonder how our passages go, I mean really – 2 bossy people on a 38 foot boat who have no idea what they are doing?  Let me break it down for you. We each have roles.  1) Hoss’s role is to make sure we don’t die. Bottom line if something goes wrong, he is the fixer, and I’m not particularly patient – meaning I want it fixed NOW!  2) Navigation is a team effort.  He gets out the Ipad, pulls up Active Captain and builds a route, think video game, only the stakes are a lot higher.  I drag out the charts, guide books, and question his decisions.  3) Hoss is in charge of the sails, he fiddles, he tweaks, most of all he loves to tack when I’m in the bathroom.  4) I’m the cook, waitress, and cleaning staff.  Fortunately, I am one of those folks who could read a book standing on my head, the seas have no effect on me.  Trying to cook a meal when we are heeled over 15 degrees, bouncing in the waves is just another challenge, it is also where I get my many bruises.  Hoss feels comfortable in the helm, he might make a quick trip into the cabin to grab a tool or some kind of doohickey, he can sleep down below, other than that he stays up top…..heck when you can just pee off the side – why not?  5) On multi day passages, we break up the evenings in 3 hour shifts – Joe takes the first sleep, boy can that sucker sleep, many times I have to drag him back to the cockpit.   6) We read a lot, play high stakes gin rummy, enjoy the scenery, search for wildlife, play chicken with freighters, get chased by cruise ships,  and discuss world problems.  Never, ever could I have dreamt this is what we would be doing!  It’s a good thing we love every minute of it!  A prime example – we were cruising right along at 6 1/2 knots, the main and genoa flying nicely, and he is ready to drop sails and do a 180…..he saw a ginormous brown mass off the port side, it turned out to be a huge loggerhead turtle floating on the surface.  Throw in a beautiful sunrise, an equally fantastic sunset, a couple of dolphins and its a pretty nice day!

So…..Key West, huh?  Should be renamed ‘Land of the Strange’!  But we love it!  Hmmmm…..that probably solidifies the fact that we’re strange!  Oh well, whata ya gonna do?

 This is the Southern most point in the Continental United States!

The spot for one of the best sunsets on earth!

What happens after sunset?

Why, the Carnie’s come out of course!


 Key West Art!


A bar named named after Hoss?  Look closely – Mardi Gras Beads hanging from a stop light???


Of course, we made our obligatory visit (visits) for some sorta boat related whatchamacallit!


 A handsome Captain!

 Ohhhhh…..I mean this handsome Captain!

 Sharks!  Arm eating sharks! 

 This is the only way to get around!


Here’s something I betcha didn’t know – when I met Hoss I was looking for Prince Charming, we would buy a cute little house complete with white picket fence, 4 kids, and a dog.  Hmmmm…..somewhere along the way we got just a little sidetracked!  Key West has more white picket fences than any other place we’ve ever seen!  Maybe someday???? 

Yep!  Only in Key West!

We’re off!  Cheers!

















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    1. You’re right – lovin most of the minutes, the other minutes Hoss is banished to the dinghy! Love ya! Looking forward to New Zealand antics!

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