Mahi Mahi and Pigs!

Coffee and a quick bowl of grits and we set sail, the agenda….42 miles. The weather is classified as light and variable (code for none), fire up the diesel and let’s cover some ground! Yanny the Yanmar powers our sailboat when there is no wind, she has a whopping 56 horsepower, running her at 2000 rpm she cruises at around about 6 knots, burning a pocket breaking gallon an hour (ha ha just kidding, I LOVE that fuel bill compared to the jet boats – sorry Trevor)!

Before lunch we pulled in four….yep FOUR Mahi Mahi! The first guy we reeled in and life was good….fresh fish!

Then we caught two at the same time! ‘I got one!’ ‘Holy shit, I got one too!’ Hoss grabbed the casting pole….’I think it’s another Mahi Mahi!’

I reached for the deep sea pole….’I think I got a whale!’ It turns out it was a feisty, ornery Mahi Mahi….oh, and much bigger than Hoss’s! It was the biggest fish I have ever reeled in and don’t think I didn’t giggle the whole time!

Where do you clean a fish when you’re on a sailboat traveling, no plans for land anytime soon? Anywhere you can! We’re still figuring it out. THEY ARE MESSY! This is my fillet’er at work!

We’re not going hungry, now! We actually threw back fish number four, he could use some growing and the freezer was full!

Now for the piggys! Staniel Key is well known for their world famous swimming pigs! Ok, maybe world famous is a bit much…. but, they are definitely the most talked about ‘thing ta do’ on the Exumas. I’ve had to stop my jet boat cruising the Colorado River to watch pigs swimming across the river more than a few times – they swim a little dog paddle, scruffy heads just above the surface. So swimming pigs? Been there, done that! However, these pigs were different! They didn’t wish for food, they demanded it. We were fresh out of bread, but we had packages of stale crackers (I was saving just encase we got stranded….again). Crackers it is, surely pigs aren’t gluten free?

Into the Super Dinghy we went, sans motor (we don’t feel our davits are strong enough to lift both Dinghy and motor, so we use a halyard off the mast to lift the motor, lash it on deck, use the davits solely for the dinghy – my fabricator has his wheels turning designing a fix to this already), any who, a quick trip ashore called for muscles to row us.

This brought on two discoveries – 1) Hoss still has big guns, 2) I LOVE to back seat drive!

Back to the piggys….they’re on the beach! In fact just piggys on Pig Beach, ok there was a rooster too, but no people.

We don’t even make it to shore before two extremely large (Hoss thinks 500 lbs of pork chops a piece) swim to us. Swim was a loose term, more like a large mass making way, snorting and grunting.

First off – they are super cool! Secondly – their snouts are really big! Thirdly – their hooves are razor sharp! Fourthly – their hair is thick and coarse! Fifthly – they have good stability, their cute little curly cue tail hovered just above the surface. Sixthly – their teeth are atrocious! Seventhly – they really wanted in the dinghy! So, there lied our adventure….’Babe, get me closer! I can’t quite reach them!’ ‘Whoa, not too close, he’s gonna crawl into the boat!’ I directed, Hoss rowed, and both of us giggled at the funny swimming pigs!

There is bacon in the fridge, am I gonna toss it out after playing with the pigs? Nope….everyone knows bacon comes from the bacon tree….not little piggys!

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