Psssst…..I have a secret!

Ahhhhh, ya want me to share…..huh?  Ok!  We have found the friendliest, laid back town – Puerto Morelos!  Puerto Morelos is an awesome Caribbean town, rich with fishing history, fighting the good fight to retain it’s small town atmosphere.  It’s nesstled between Cancún and Playa de Carmen, but you won’t find a high rise in the fun beachside town.  Just outside of town however, resorts have sprouted up here and there, all inclusive of course, with few guests venturing outside of the walls.  Pretty sweet for the quaint coastal town!

Doesn’t this just scream fun???

Toes in the sand, staring off at the turquoise waters you’ll see the waves breaking 300 yards off shore…..hmmmm?  Why, that would be the Mesoamerica Barrier Reef, yep the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world.  Snorkeling anyone?

This photo might have been taken while sitting in the infinity pool, a cocktail might have been in my other hand.
What your looking at is the waves breaking on the reef…..yep, that close!

We got a sleuth of bad weather.  Well, let’s put that in perspective – 78 degrees, breezy 20 something mile an hour winds from the north, afternoon squalls.  Sounds pretty good actually…..except we need a nice stretch to sail to Belieze. The Yucatan has a 2-3 knot northern current, add a 20 something wind against the current and now you have a sea state with angry 8 foot chop.  All of this is typical for this time of year, nasty northerners rolling down from the states, so we wait.  One obstacle of cruising along a magnificent barrier reef is the lack of anchorages, no safe harbors to drop the anchor.  So, we’ve become marina rats and we are LOVING it!  I mean, if we keep the boat tied to the dock too long, we will eventually have to find a job, but for the time being it is GLORIOUS!  Wanna take a walk?  Step onto the dock and go!  No loading into the Super Dinghy, finding a landing spot, locking it up, then worrying if you should be tied up where you left it.  There’s a hose with water!  Huh?  There’s a magic cord with power?  What?  It’s almost like civilized living!  Almost…..we still live on a boat!

Rotten Bottom sitting in her slip nestled amongst the fishing boat fleet!

The only marina for miles is El Cid, one of those fancy all inclusive resorts just outside town, a 10 minute bicycle ride.  When in Mexico and fancy is all there is, you go fancy – in our flip flops and cutoff shorts, of course!  As marina guests you have full access to the resort!  The resort is governed by colored wristbands.  Our white wristband gives us access to the numerous pools, beaches, gym (haven’t had time to check that out, totally a lack of time thing), activities, etc.  Everything…..except food and booze. If we are hungry or thirsty we have to purchase vouchers.  We might have been taking an evening stroll last night night, had a hankering for something sweet, it was cool so we had sweatshirts on (thus covering our wristbands) and waltzed into the marketplace and they practically forced us to eat gelato. Yup, that might of happened!  So, we’re living the good life – laying on a padded lounge chair, on a deck overlooking the beach to our right, infinity pool to our left. I don’t even have to launder towels, there’s a cabana boy that makes sure you always have a fresh one!

The safety of the marina also presented us with an excellent opportunity to spread our wings.  We didn’t go flying, we are renting  a car and heading inland.  Traveling by sailboat, having a rubber boat as a car and two foldable bicycles if we are feeling adventurous, limits us from venturing too far from the water. So, we are hitting the road…..Jose!

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