Ummmm race fuel!

Yep, you heard me.  The sweet smell of race fuel!

The whole body tingling sensation of massive raw horsepower!

What’s better than race fuel and horsepower?  Race fuel and horsepower on the water!

Oh, sure on a sailboat?  A sailboat that on most days cant move out of it’s own way?

You betcha!  It just so happens the World Final Super Boat Races are being held in Key West.  These are the Big Dogs!


They bring their own helicopters!

The race is being held in the Bight of Key West.  Where are we?  Anchored in the Bight of Key West, front row to the starting line and the sharpest turn on the course!  Boys, it doesn’t get any better than this!


We happen to have front row seats!  Come on now…..front row seats while sitting on a sailboat?  Let me show ya just how front row…..this guy overshot the turn and ended up in front of us.  The driver was able to shimmy between our anchor chain and the sailboat in front of us.


Nice driving dude!

Did ya know Jimmy Johns is FREAKY FAST?  Don’t believe me?  Read the side of the boat.



Man, do I miss speed!  It was a great day of racing and now back to turtle speed – weighing the anchor and heading to the Dry Tortugas at 2am!  Catch ya when we surface in Mexico!

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