We tried to leave…..really!

Time is zipping by, at lightning speed actually!  Can ya believe we’ve been in Mexico almost a month?  That can’t be…..but it really has been ALMOST A MONTH, a truly amazing month.  So, after A LOT of dragging our feet, hem hawing, and mucho procrastination we decide we’re gonna leave. Yep, we’re leaving!

Nope we’re not leaving as it turns out!  You see there’s a process – each country you must clear in upon arrival and clear out to depart.  This cannot be taken lightly.  For instance –  if we just skip out of Mexico (neglect to clear out) the next country won’t clear us in.  So, you put on a nice shirt and your cleanest pair of shorts, grab your documents and head for the La Inmigracion Oficina.  There is no Immigration Office in Puerto Morelos.  So, we catch a taxi, then hop a bus, board a ferry boat and venture off to Isla Cozumel.  

Our first close up of Cozumel – this is only 2 of the 7 cruise ships in port this day!  
Oh, brother!

Great, neither of us have ever been to Cozumel!  Get our business done and then have some fun is what we’re thinking!  Hummph!  

Immigration doesn’t want to talk to us until we’ve see the Capitan de Puerto.   So, we huff it to the other side of town.   While lost and fumbling the streets, Enrique (a scooter rental dude) talks us into renting one of his primo machines. 

This time we made sure we got helmets!
If that’s not funny, you haven’t read some of earlier posts!

The Port Captain is another one of those ‘wish I spoke Spanish moments’, but we manage. We’re then sent to the bank to pay our clearance fees. Receipt in hand, it’s back to the Port Captain.  A lot of copies, stamps, and the help of Roberto (a local captain who took pity on us) we have new paperwork. ‘Go to La Inmigracion Oficina’ which of course closes at 1pm, it’s 12:25, thank goodness we got a scooter!  This story gets longer and longer…..Immigration will not clear us out.  Our boat is not in Cozumel.  Of course it’s not, the ports are closed, the wind is horrible, you’d have to be crazy to sail today!  

Maybe that’s what happened to this poor boat???

The result…..DENIED!  

Well, we do have a scooter – let’s see the island!  First impression is Cozumel is a cheesy cruise ship destination…..it is.  But leave the tourist area behind you and the island takes on a different persona.  Diving and snorkeling are the main draws, if you’re there in settled weather, which we were not.   The East side of the island is where the real beauty lies – wind swept shore, Caribbean thatch bars, vibrant taco huts, a road easily explored on scooter.    

Ahhhhh, the open road!
Beautiful beach after
glorious beautiful beach!
The black and white sets ya in the Old West persona!

Cheesy town…..cheesy photos!

I guess we’ll just have to head back to our quaint little beach town and work on plan B!

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