We’re back!

Well…..kinda, sort of, almost!  Let me tell ya…..we are soooooo ready!

Shall I give ya update?  Sure, ya say?

Where do I start???  How about Alaska…..Alaska was GREAT!  Lots of fish, I mean a REALLY SUPER HUGE amount of fish!  Halibut, rockfish, lingcod, salmon, throw in a couple of octopus, even a salmon shark!  Whales, whales, and more whales…..absolutely amazing!  

Notice the boat railing?  Yep, this guy put on a show RIGHT NEXT TO US!

Sea lions, seals, sea otters, porpoises, eagles, oh…..and bears!  After landing in Juneau, we were immediately rerouted to Kodiak to look over a potential new tour boat for the Lodge.  What Lodge?  Ok, maybe I got ahead of myself. We were hired as boat captains for a really swell Lodge on Admiralty Island, just south of Juneau – Pybus Point Lodge.  Never heard of it?  Well, then you should check it out…..amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it, go ahead look it up, but I warn ya you’re gonna wanna come and visit!  Now, back to my story…..the boat – Gemini – was a go.   Now we had to transport her 900 miles in frigid Alaskan waters, talk about a trip!

Joe enjoying a break, taking in the scenery on our transport!

Sawyer Glacier, just one of the many breathtaking Alaska Wonders!

Many, many, many glaciers and icebergs later we get our first glimpse of Cannery Cove, home of Pybus Point Lodge – our home for the next four months.  

Pybus Point Lodge viewed from the seaplane.

You’re gonna guess we were hot to fish…..yes, but not first; first up a bear retrieval.  Yup, dig the poor guy outta the hole he tumbled into, skin him, and hike his pelt down a mountain.  You’re thinking I’m making this up…..nope!  From then on it was fishing, fishing, yup you guessed it more fishing!  Throw in some construction, scouting (because the fish don’t necessarily jump into the boat), fish filleting, crabbing, shrimping, a seaplane ride to get stitches, ornery captains, and really great guests and you’ve got a full throttle action packed summer!

This was a fun one – Pybus Point Lodge 2018 Record Coho Salmon, a whopping 16.5lbs, what a hog!

So, summer is over and we accepted positions for next year.  Great!  Now what?  Head to the sailboat seems logical, but nope.  We bought property in Durango, Colorado – a nice slice of heaven, 6 acres to be exact, on the Animas River, and a freakin train goes through our parcel!  We’re gonna build a nice little get away, not yet though, two reasons 1) the weather is turning cold, 2) the sailboat is calling!

Oh, ROTTENBOTTOM…..I hear ya!  

You are now officially caught up!  Hello Florida!


Just how many times are we gonna chase our boat down a road?

ROTTENBOTTOM got a good scrubbing, nice buff job, new sails, electronics, and hot water heater.  We are stocking every nook and cranny with food, beverages, and such; meanwhile finishing up a million little things here and there.  

Today however, is a monumental day – we had a tearful morning saying our last goodbye to our Mighty Tohatsu, she had a good life, still ran like a champ but up there in years, we were fearful her days were numbered and did not want to be stranded in say…..Honduras flailing around in Super Dinghy. What do you do after a weeping farewell?  Since we are in what feels like our eighth rental car – we are in search of a roadside stand selling spicy boiled peanuts!  Hey, don’t knock it until you try it!


3 thoughts on “We’re back!”

  1. Howdy kids!
    Been wondering what y’all have been up too. Got to see Mike and Dalton for a few days this summer and they got us caught up (sort of).
    Sounds like you guys have been working your butts off and having quite an adventure. Don’t know if you remember Mike and Shirley (she was the singer in our band). His Dad lives in Durango – been there for ever. I’ll have to find out where and see if it’s close to your property.
    Alaska looks insane – and I’m sure you’ve earned the R & R – once all the bugs work out.
    Safe travels and love to hear how your “summer” goes.
    Best wishes from Texas
    Jim & Karen

    1. Hi guys, great to hear from you! Dad mentioned the river trip, sounds like we missed a good time, would have loved to of seen you two! We keep saying we’re gonna venture your way…..one of these days! Glad you’re loving Texas!

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