What to do first?!?

We’re in Florida!  Dust off your flip flops we’re goin to town!

Yep, just enjoying a leisurely morning stroll…..alligators?  How about we pick up the pace Hoss???

Hello, rental car!  This is the first time we’ve driven in 5 months.  Hmmm……will Hoss remember what side of the road to drive on?

First stop – Cappuccino!

Now that we’re caffeinated, onto business.  Clear back into the United States, that’s it we’re official!

Well, that deserves a beer!

Up next?  Groceries!  Greens, greens, greens, water, goat milk, and beer…..the necessities!

Ahhhh, our poor toes!  A sailboat is torture on toes.  Now, these puppies are feelin good!

What would a day in the city be without a trip to West Marine???

What’s up next?  In just a few short days we will haul out our sailboat, spend 2 weeks checking off some chores, button her up for her 6 month rest on the hard, and then…..  

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